About CanRIO

About Us

CanRIO is a network of Canadian rheumatologists and researchers with expertise in the management of the rheumatic complications of cancer immunotherapy.  These include the development of new rheumatic conditions which develop during or after treatment with immunotherapy, termed rheumatic immune related adverse events (Rh ir-AE) and on the management of patients with rheumatic disease who are being treated or being considered for treatment with immunotherapy. 

Main Objectives

The group’s three main objectives are;

  1. To perform collaborative research across Canada to enhance our understanding of the rheumatic complications of immunotherapy and optimal management of those with pre-existing rheumatic diseases.
  2. To facilitate the education of physicians and allied health professionals on this rapidly evolving area of medicine.
  3. To establish referral centers and collaborative networks between rheumatology and oncology across Canada to ensure facilitated access and optimal management of Cancer patients with rheumatic disease.

Mission Statement:

To improve the care of cancer patients across Canada receiving immunotherapy, who develop rheumatic complications or have pre-existing autoimmune conditions, through collaboration, education and research.